January 3, 2018 · Game Development

2018? Let's try to make a game.

This post is also my "super motivation post". This year, I'll make a game. Not something too big, not something too small.


I've always wanted to work in the video-game industry. To create an experience that some people could enjoy is my deepest dream. This kind of art is so powerful.

I'm 27 now, I became a developer because I always loved to understand how things are made behind the scenes, to be able to create them on my own. I'm very happy to be a developer. But you know what? It's time to stop bullshitting myself, I don't have any excuse anymore:

And... yes:

But you know what?


The best way to progress is actually to make games

I'm not starting from NOTHING. I already made games.
Oh, yes, they are more prototypes or mini-broken-games, but they ARE games :) I like to respect them for what they are. As if they were small and sick animals. Thanks to them, I learned a lot.


I'm participating to Game Jams for more than a year now. Every one of them has been so different and rewarding that they keep me from giving up my dream.

So, why am I so afraid to begin?

Every time I try to begin something about "creating a game", there is like a paralysis, a mental one. Some chains that block me from trying and spending more time on it. Yes, I'm afraid to learn how to create video games. Isn't it weird?

I think I found the reason why: I don't want to fail.

I don't want to be bad at something I'm so interested in and passionate about. And learning means being bad at it. You'll learn everyday something new. You'll learn that you are doing something wrong for months. But it's the way it is.

You can't blame someone for trying and learning, and if you don't try, you'll regret it.
Accept the fact that you don't know something, or how to do something.

The game

Ahhhh. Better. Now that this fear is gone (at least, hidden under tones of willingness), it's time to think more about the game I want to do this year.

A 2D, split-screen cooperative action game. Sorry, what?

Roughly, the game would look like that (yes I need to improve my drawing skills)

Quick gameplay explanation

Player 1 is a hero in the "Fire World", at least something hot (desert, hot planet...) and the Player 2 is a hero in the "Frozen World".

They both escort a caravan that needs to reach a location down the road (the world scrolls as they walk). If enemies destroy the caravan, it's game over.

From time to time, players can "teleport" themselves in the world of the other player. So for example Player 1 could teleport himself into the "Frozen World". As his attacks are made of "fire", he deals way more damages against enemies and bosses of the frozen world. But he can't stay very long because he can't really handle the frost of this world, so he'll need to get back into his fire world soon. And while he's not in his world, his caravan is vulnerable to attacks of enemies in his own world.

Players will have to help each other while not abandoning their own caravan.

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