Gruik and its future


Gruik is an open-source & free note taking web app. You write your notes in markdown (like GitHub for example) and you can save them to be private or public.

I created Gruik few years ago. Firstly, it was a playground to experiment and learn frameworks. Secondly because I needed this kind of app to save my notes / blog posts in order to share them with my colleagues and friends.

Why not use existing solutions?

Evernote is damn cool, but I like my privacy. Laverna is a really great project, but I’d like to share my notes, to have a comment system & to have a dedicated storage. Maybe there are other cool stuff (and there surely are), but it’s a nice way to learn new stuff and improve my skills ; maintaining an open-source project is really time consuming & needs a lot of dedication, but it brings a lot of nice things.

The future

It has been a long way through now, and I want to dedicate more time to this project and push it forward, as long as it’s cool to develop it and can be useful to someone. I changed the stack to something I know better : Symfony 2 (PHP Framework). It’s now possible to connect with oAuth, so no more registration.

The main goal now is to encrypt locally the notes using the Stanford Javascript Crypto Library, this way, notes could be saved in database without any risk.

I’ll keep posting updates of this project on this blog if I have any announcement. For now, there is a lot of work to do, so let’s go! :)

Bye & have a great day!