April 30, 2017 · Game Development

Ludum Dare 38, the Post Mortem (part 1): the Dream Team

Hello there! Here is the first part of the post mortem for Pod2000, our Ludum Dare 38 compo submission we made in 48h.
In those articles, we’ll give you all the details on the making-of this game! Let’s go :)

The Dream Team

For this 38th edition, we decided to team up with a lot of crazy birds!
We were a bit curious about how we could work with so many people, in 48h..
But it went really smooth, and especially, it was hell of a party! Old colleagues & friends, together, in a castle, with the sun, to make a game.
Here is the dream team, in a chaotic order:

From left to right: Baptiste, Nicolas, Geoffrey, Gildas and Pierre

Most of us are developers, but we had the chance to team up with multiple talents, so we decided to create everything from scratch (so no pre-made sound/graphic assets).
This way, we could end up with a coherent visual & audio experience.

Mylène joined us on Sunday to draw the lovely & stunning pixel art illustrations we used to visually bring life to the small world:

Pixel art biomes, aka pictures sent by VJ-Net42, by Mylène Larnaud.

As Pierre is mastering 3D rendering, he made the scene with the pod computer, and the 2 first “cinematic” pictures. \o/

The computer in the pod, 3D rendered, by Pierre Allard.

Last but not least, Baptiste made a huge work on the audio part, creating this very particular & immersive ambiance you have in your pod and in the small world audio captures.

Some of us already worked together in the past, but we never joined our forces, so it was the first time we worked ALL together. In the next post, we’ll detail the 2 days of the Jam. See you!

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