In Sinners, you play as a god. You control your adepts and use your powers to defeat existing gods and conquer their lands.

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The God above us. He is the weather and the sky. The heat and the cold. The moon and the stars. He is the Wisdom.

Sorani will try everything to avoid taking lives. He'll punish sinners only if needed. His wraths are : Thunder Strike, Rain, Wind, Cold Storm...


The Goddess around us. She is in all of us, in every animal and plants. She made our body and flesh. She is the Wildeness.

Mawari sees death as a necessary balance. She is offended by our presence in her lands. Her wraths : Wolves Attack, Spreading Disease, Rotting Trees...


The God below us. He is the fire, the mountain and the blood. He made the rocks and moves continents. He is the Anger.

Chika doesn't care of human beings. He'll make everything possible to avoid your religion to spread, he sees you as a sickness. His wraths : Lava, Earthquakes, Petrification...