I Make Games

Well, at least I try. Making game is sometimes as fun as playing them! Except when it.. doesn't. I love participating to game jams, but I really want to release a game ONE DAY, oh!




Game Jams

"Fórnir" (Play) - Ludum Dare #43 (Dec. 2018)

"Going Nuts" (Play) - Ludum Dare #40 (Dec. 2017)

"Lionel’s Weekend" (Play) - Ludum Dare #39 (July 2017)

"Over The Hills" (Play) - Akeneo Game Jam #4 (June 2017)

"Pod2000" (Play) - Ludum Dare #38 (Apr. 2017)

"Paul Terguei, the Glory Room Keeper" (Play) - Ludum Dare #37 (Dec. 2016)

"Mr. Chang" (Play) - Akeneo Game Jam #1 (Sept. 2016)